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Netherfriends – “I’m Gone” (Featuring Fess Grandiose)

Sometimes love gets ill and the only option is to ride out.  If you’ve ever been there, consider “I’m Gone” your theme song.  Produced by Netherfriends, the soul-fused, bluesy track features Fess Grandiose with the lyrical assist for that extra push so you can pack your bags and get outta there.

Video edited by Netherfriends

Impolite Society – “Reckless”

Impolite Society get reckless with Del The Funky Homosapien at Reggie’s

ImSo release their first group cut since expanding to include Sidewalk Kal and Khalfani as official members. Produced by Sidewalk Kal, “Reckless” showcases the wild and unique abilities of each artist.