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Fess Grandiose – “Simply…”

Fess Grandiose - "Simply..." - Listen on Soundcloud!

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“Simply…” is a 12-song instrumental beat suite featuring some new sounds from Fess Grandiose. In grandiose fashion, the set includes some sample-heavy production laced with classic Funk and Soul bits and breaks, crafted right here at the Kimball House.

01. “Casanova Shit”
02. “Struggle…”
03. “New New Vehicle, Baby”
04. “Mega Munchies”
05. “Hang Over Love”
06. “More…”
07. “Easy To Understand”
08. “Du Film” (Feat. Jeals)
09. “Don’t Tweak”
10. “Smooth Windy Groove…”
11. “Vegas…”
12. “Summer Lies…”

Matt Black – “Champloo” (Prod. by Gord.ie)

Download: Matt Blaq - "Champloo" (prod. by Gord.ie) - Available on Soundcloud

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The term “Champloo” comes from an Okinawa word meaning “mixed up,” which perfectly describes the aesthetic of this collaboration. A medley of lo-fi beats and stream-of-consciousness rhymes, Matt Black (matblaq – rapper) and Gord.ie  (producer) turned one studio session into an experimental hip-hop narrative.

Featured on Black’s upcoming album – “Oak Street Market” – Due April 2nd, 2013 on Young Heavy Souls Records