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Netherfriends – “Never Walk Out On You” feat. Elee X & Blakkass Westley

Video shot and edited by Netherfriends

A classic tale of relationships long dead, “Never Walk Out On You” has been a blog and fan-favorite from Netherfriends (with the original Impolite Society lineup of Elee and Wes) ever since the track premiered on Ruby Hornet in August of last year– and re-surfaced to be included on Netherfriends’ first full-length Hip Hop release, New CHI-t, back in July.

The ImSo clique has since expanded, as has the number of available Netherfriends projects, but the three artists took a minute to have some fun and shoot this video, almost a year to-the-day of the song’s original release.  The video was shot here at the Kimball House, it features a lo-fi aesthetic, a plastic leg, a cameo from fellow Impolite member Khalfani, and Blakkass Westley making some of the creepiest facial expressions in a rap video since Redman’s “Time 4 Sum Aksion.”

Elee X – “Whatever Beech (Elee’s Revenge!)”

Elee X - "Whatever Beech"

Elee X performing at Schubas in Chicago – Photo: Dominique Shepard

Not everyone has read Frank Love’s How to Gracefully Exit a Relationship, and let’s face it- in most cases we aren’t given the chance to exit gracefully, regardless of the situation.

But don’t fret; it doesn’t seem like a graceful exit is what Elee X (Impolite Society) is looking for here.   Describing the track as “A pretty petty song about a bad time…,” the ImSo MC collaborated with Houston producer BPMD to get a few things off his chest.

Impolite Society – “Look Of Hate” (Remix) (Prod. by Nunca Duerma)

Click the image to download: Impolite Society - "Look Of Hate" (Remix) - Available at Soundcloud

Photo: Stefan Klapko

Blakkass Westley and Elee X unearthed this nugget from the Impolite Society vault, remixed by Nunca Duerma. With no shortage of “sentiment” for past relationships, “Look of Hate” is a cut ImSo has performed live since back when Elee and Wes were the group’s sole members.

Upon releasing the track, Elee had this to say about its subject matter: “Initially, I didn’t want to drop this joint because of the mixed feedback we’ve recieved post-performances, people either really fuck with it, or it scares the shit out of them, but ultimately I realized, that’s exactly what I wanted to do!” 

Netherfriends – “Numero Uno” (Feat. Chandler London & Mig Mora)

Netherfriends teams up with Chandler London and Mig Mora to reflect on the highs and lows of having a special someone in your number one spot- Happy Valentine’s Day!

Video edited by Netherfriends
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