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New Chi-t Featured In Chicago Reader’s Favorite Music Of 2013

Chicago Reader: Our Favorite Music Of 2013

Six Reader writers, 12 months, 30 picks — and not one list that just rearranges the same records you’ll see everywhere else: Click to read the full article on chicagoreader.com

This week, New Chi-t appeared on the front page of Chicago Reader. A collaboration between Netherfriends and a slew of Chicago artists, the project was featured in the Hip-Hop segment of The Reader’s  Favorite Music of 2013:

Overlooked Chicago hip-hop | Leor Galil

Netherfriends, New CHI-t
Nomadic indie-popper Shawn Rosen­blatt (aka Netherfriends) is no stranger to hip-hop: 2011’sNetherfriends Does Nilsson includes a wobbly, funky tune called “Full of It” with local MC ShowYouSuck. That track also appears on New CHI-t, a rap-centric collection of Netherfriends collaborations featuring local hip-hop acts such as the Whoevers, Fess Grandiose, and Impolite Society. Rosenblatt molds his psychedelic-tinged pop—sometimes peppy, sometimes wistful, sometimes both at once—into the foundation for fun hip-hop tracks. The Sublime-sampling “Summertime” in particular makes me yearn for warm-weather adventures even more than I usually do.

Netherfriends x Fess Grandiose -Goosebumps

Download: Netherfriends x Fess Grandiose - Goosebumps - Available on Soundcloud

Click the artwork to download: Netherfriends x Fess Grandiose – Goosebumps

If sometime over the last twenty years you’ve suddenly felt out of place- tossing around your Koosh Ball, wishing you were at Woodstock 2 listening to Green Day- dancing in a muddy mosh pit in Birkenstocks while drinking a Crystal Pepsi… don’t worry; Netherfriends and Fess Grandiose have you covered with Goosebumps: A lifetime worth of 90s nostalgia, in 7 minutes or less.

Impolite Society – Bootleg #1

Download: Impolite Society - Bootleg #1 - Available on Audiomack

Impolite Society (L-R): Kal The God, Fess Grandiose, Khalfani, Blakkass Westley, Elee X

Impolite Society serves up a hefty compilation project that features group and solo work from individual members, and guest appearances from various artists and producers.  For the uninitiated, Bootleg #1 offers a comprehensive introduction to the group; it should also hold over fans familiar with their work until an official full-length is released.

DOWNLOAD: Impolite Society – Bootleg #1

01. “Alibi” (Remix) ft. Cadillac Duke & Cody DeCamry (Prod. by Chinzafly)
02. “B.I.L.L.$.” (Prod. by Fess Grandiose)
03. “Dolla Holla” (Prod. by Fess Grandiose)
04. “Fall Through” (Prod. by Khalfani)
05. “Fame” ft. Guilty Simpson (Prod. by Fess Grandiose)
06. “Freshadelic” (Prod. by Fess Grandiose)
07. “Look Of Hate” (Remix) (Prod. by Nunca Duerma)
08. “Never Walk Out On You” (Prod. by Netherfriends)
09. “OctoTrex” ft. Scienz of Life (Prod. by ID)
10. “Piled In” (Prod. by Fess Grandiose)
11. “Player Shit” (Prod. by Fortified Sounds)
12. “Reckless” (Prod. by Sidewalk Kal)
13. “REVISIONS” (Prod. by AceMo)
14. “The Taste (C.H.I. Summer) (Prod. by Fess Grandiose)
15. “The World” (Prod. by Zip)
16. “Wackass Artwork” (Chopped & Screwed Remix by Via Rosa)
17. “Wackass Artwork” (Prod. by Von Vuai)
18. “Wind It Up” – Pugz Atomz ft. Elee X, ProbCause, & DJ Alo (Prod. by Mark Pritchard & Om”Mas Keith)
19. “Zombies” ft. ShowYouSuck & Cadillac Duke (Prod. by Na$im Williams)

Netherfriends – “Summer Sex” feat. Auggie the 9th

Video: FragD Films

Did someone say something about a heat wave? Be safe, folks, and stay cool this summer by throwing on that VHS copy of Do The Right Thing you have in the garage, or by playing this joint from Netherfriends and Auggie the 9th.

“Summer Sex” can be heard on New CHI-t, the Hip-Hop mixtape Netherfriends dropped at the beginning of the month- featuring guest appearances from a host of Chicago artists.

CHICAGO: Catch Netherfriends live at the Whistler on Monday, July 22. Free show! For show info, click here.

Netherfriends – New CHI-t

Download: Netherfriends - New CHI-t - Available at BandCamp

Click to Download: Netherfriends – New CHI-t

Netherfriends presents New CHI-t, a compilation of his collaborations with Chicago artists. All tracks recorded and mixed by Netherfriends at the Kimball House during the summer and fall of 2012.

Download: Netherfriends – New CHI-t

01. “I’m Gone” (feat. Fess Grandiose)
02. “Never Walk Out On You (feat. Impolite Society)
03. “Mattress” (feat. Fess Grandiose)
04. “Summer Sex” (feat. Auggie the 9th)
05. “Summertime” (feat. Jams Dean, Chandler London, & Auggie the 9th)
06. “Phoenix, AZ” (feat. Rich Jones)
07. “Full Of It” (feat. ShowYouSuck)
08. “Good Vibes” (feat. ShowYouSuck & Elee X)
09. “Jurassic Park V” (feat. theWHOevers)
10. “Numero Uno” (feat. Chandler London & Mig Mora)
11. “Frankfort, KY” (feat. Blakkass Westley)
12. “Ringpop” (feat. Rich Jones & Divino Nino)
13. “Monkey Man” (feat. Divino Nino)

KHP Podcast 005: “Fess Grandiose In Technicolor”

Subscribe & Download: Kimball House Podcast

Click the image to subscribe & download

“Fess Grandiose In Technicolor” is an eclectic mix of new and vintage sounds. Fess Grandiose blends Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop, and Soul for your listening pleasure. Recorded live at Kimball House.

Subscribe & Download: Kimball House Podcast 005 – “Fess Grandiose In Technicolor”

01. Electric Light Orchestra – “New World Rising/Ocean Breakup Reprise”
02. A Tribe Called Quest – “Luck of Lucien”
03. Aretha Franklin- “Rock Steady” (Alternate Mix)
04. Zapp- “More Bounce To The Ounce”
05. Barry White – “It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me”
06. Dam Funk – “Killdatmuthafucka”
07. The Dramatics – “Get Up And Get Down”
08. Paul McCartney – “Momma Miss America”
09. Soul II Soul – “Back To Life”
10. Q-Tip – “Vivrant Thing”
11. The Beatnuts – “Watch Out Now”
12. D’Angelo – “Devil’s Pie” (Fess Cut)
13. James Brown – “The Payback”
14. The Notorious B.I.G. – “Gimme The Loot”
15. The Notorious B.I.G. – “Unbelievable”
16. Al Green – “Here I Am (Come And Take Me)”
17. Dennis Edwards – “Don’t Look Any Further”
18. Mtume – “Juicy Fruit”
19. Onra – “Moving”
20. Dam Funk – “Chocolate”
21. J. Dilla – “Instrumental”
22. Slum Village – “Raise It Up”
23. J. Dilla – “Make’em NV”
24. Gap Band – “Outstanding”
25. The Cold Cut – “Seven Minutes Of Madness”
26. Tom Browne – “Funkin’ For Jamaica”
27. Budos Band – “Up From The South”
28. Connie Case – “Get Down”
29. Laid Back – “White Horse”
30. Al Hudson & One Way – “Push”

Cadillac Duke – “Smooth”

Directed & Shot by Annalise Freytag

Caddy’s been on a roll all year, and from the looks of things, the ride has been “Smooth.”  In his latest treatment, the Flint native and LOD rep. takes us on a cruise- in ultra-clean HD.  Be on the lookout for his mixtape, “FVCK$KVLLS,” dropping soon.