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Chandler London & Cocky – “2 Different Sides” (Prod. by Na$im Williams & Doc Da Mindbenda)

Download: Chandler London & Cocky - "2 Different Sides" (Prod. by Na$im Williams x Doc Da Mindbenda)- Available on SoundCloud

Click the image to download “2 Different Sides”

Na$im Williams and Doc Da Mindbenda linked up to craft a beat so grimy, you can still smell the blood on the butcher’s apron.  Chandler London pairs with Cocky on the lyrical front, making for an interesting contrast- Chandler paints murals with his vivid, spacey flow; while Cocky takes a more visceral approach and goes right for the kill.

“2 Different Sides” is like a three-minute grind house flick, definitely not for the faint of heart. Besides capturing varying perspectives on aspects of life- good and bad, the track also illustrates the diversity of Chicago talent.

Fess Grandiose – “Simply…”

Fess Grandiose - "Simply..." - Listen on Soundcloud!

Click the image to listen on SoundCloud

“Simply…” is a 12-song instrumental beat suite featuring some new sounds from Fess Grandiose. In grandiose fashion, the set includes some sample-heavy production laced with classic Funk and Soul bits and breaks, crafted right here at the Kimball House.

01. “Casanova Shit”
02. “Struggle…”
03. “New New Vehicle, Baby”
04. “Mega Munchies”
05. “Hang Over Love”
06. “More…”
07. “Easy To Understand”
08. “Du Film” (Feat. Jeals)
09. “Don’t Tweak”
10. “Smooth Windy Groove…”
11. “Vegas…”
12. “Summer Lies…”