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09.20: Kimball House Rock


Click the flier for set times

Can you believe it’s been a year already?! Come out this Saturday and help us celebrate FIVE YEARS of Kimball House Rock!

It’s going down right here at the Kimall House – 2PM – No Cover – Good times!

UPDATE: Porta-potties will be on-site; now that’s the hallmark of an official music festival, see you there!

2:00PM: Freddy Phatz
3:30PM – 3:50PM: Special Guest Set
4:00 PM – 4:10PM: Rio
4:20PM – 4:40PM: MC Everest
4:45PM – 5:05PM: Angel Katz
5:20PM – 5:40PM: Rich Jones
5:50PM – 6:10PM: Blake
6:15PM – 6:30PM: Blakkass Westley
6:30PM – 6:50PM: L.O.D
6:50PM – 7:10PM: Auggie the 9th
7:25PM – 7:45PM: Hurt Everybody
7:50PM – 8:20PM: DJ Moppy
8:30PM – 9:00PM: Surgery at the Hands of Machines
9:05PM – 9:35PM: Nunca Duerma
9:40PM – 10:10PM: Netherfriends
10:15PM – 10:45PM: Shazam Bangles
10:50PM – 11:30PM: Sev Seveer
11:30PM – 12:00AM: Fess Grandiose

Blakkass Westley x Chandler London – “Diamond Girl” (Remix) ft. Cadillac Duke [Prod. by Na$im Williams]

Listen: Blakkass Westley x Chandler London: "Diamond Girl" (Remix) - Available on SoundCloud

Chandler London released this ‘gem’ last April. The Dreamer now revisits the Na$im Williams produced cut, complete with LOD brothers Blakkass Westley (Impolite Society) and Cadillac Duke in tow.

The remix will appear on Chandler and Westley’s upcoming collaborative project, Champion Champloo!, due out this summer.

Chitown Cypher – “Acapella at the Jay Pritzker Pavillion” ft. Auggie the 9th, Blakkass Westley, Black Matt, & Fooch the MC

Video: Griffin Thomas

The Chitown Cypher connects talented underground hip-hop artists, producers, and filmmakers in Chicago through organized freestyle events around the city. chitowncypher.com

Set downtown at Millenium Park, the June edition of Chitown Cypher features the adept acapella oratory of Auggie the 9th, Blakkass Westley (Impolite Society), Black Matt, and Fooch The MC.

Impolite Society – “Wackass Artwork”

Download: Impolite Society - Wackass Artwork

By now, we know their type: 20,000 fake Twitter followers/YouTube views/Facebook friends/Soundcloud plays/Etc., they’re on every blog, mastering their branding destiny, only one contact away from kicking down the doors to claim the fame and fortune they’ve been grinding for [on the Internet].  Only problem is, no one’s ever actually heard of them.

To call them fake would be considered an act of “hate” by the moral majority- what are the rest of us supposed to do?!

Fortunately, Elee X and Sidewalk Kal have stepped up to represent us in typical Impolite Society fashion.  The duo team up with Von Vuai over a smooth Sade sample to approach the ills of today’s artistic climate- and in the process beckon the question, “Who the fuck is you?

Blakkass Westley & Chandler London – “Runaway” ft. Cadillac Duke

Shot and Edited by NME Films

“Runaway” is the first single off an upcoming collaborative EP from Blakkass Westley (Impolite Society) and Chandler London, shot and directed by . In this Savior produced track the L.O.D. (Legion Of Dudes) representatives explore the darker side of their vices and addictions.