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Saturday Night Sessions – Fess Grandiose Spinning at Harbees – Chicago, IL

02.01.14: Fess Grandiose spinning at Harbees - Chicago, IL.

Use the force to plow through the snow and come out to another edition of Saturday Night Sessions.

Taking place on the first Saturday of each month at Harbee Liquors and Tavern in Pilsen, Fess Grandiose and Freddy Phatz are on deck to provide grooves that will thaw you out. These are the droids you’re looking for.

Venue info: harbees.com


Fess Grandiose Spinning at Harbee Liquors – Chicago, IL

01.04.14: Fess Grandiose Spinning At Harbee Liquors w/Freddy Phatz - Chicago, IL.

With Freddy Phatz and Revel
Venue Info: harbees.com