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Nunca Duerma x Gord.ie – “Crafty”

Download: Nunca Duerma x Gord.ie - "Crafty" - Available on Soundcloud

Click the artwork to Download: Nunca Duerma x Gord.ie – “Crafty”

Originally available for download as part of  Join The Studio’s Free Track Friday series, “Crafty” is another off-kilter head-bobber from Nunca Duerma, collaborating with the elusive Detroit-based beat maker, Gord.ie.

The folks at JTS also chopped it up with Nunca D, who had this to say about his tenure in the Windy City:

“…I love Chicago. Never thought I would enjoy living here when I took a random leap of faith two years ago. I’ve been so lucky to have the experience I’ve had thus far, and I’ve received open arms from artist collectives like Push Beats, Kimball House Productions, some of the LOD guys too and have been very surprised how welcoming everyone has been. Chicago is a great place for young up and comers and really fosters an environment of creativity. Most of the collectives I mentioned are really trying to do something new and not follow a pre-fit mold on how things are suppose to be done. It’s them, their art, and no bullshit. I love it.”

Nunca Duerma will be dropping more beat collaborations and one-shot releases in the near-future, all leading up to the release of his upcoming Shapeshifter project.


Matt Black – “Champloo” (Prod. by Gord.ie)

Download: Matt Blaq - "Champloo" (prod. by Gord.ie) - Available on Soundcloud

Click the image to download

The term “Champloo” comes from an Okinawa word meaning “mixed up,” which perfectly describes the aesthetic of this collaboration. A medley of lo-fi beats and stream-of-consciousness rhymes, Matt Black (matblaq – rapper) and Gord.ie  (producer) turned one studio session into an experimental hip-hop narrative.

Featured on Black’s upcoming album – “Oak Street Market” – Due April 2nd, 2013 on Young Heavy Souls Records