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Netherfriends – November Tour

Netherfriends November Tour

On the road again: Click image for details

Netherfriends is hitting the road once again, catch him in a city near you this November.

11.08.13 – Lafayette, IN.
11.09.13 – Knoxville, TN.
11.10.13 – Atlanta, GA.
11.11.13 – Tallahassee, FL.
11.12.13 – Gainesville, FL.
11.13.13 – Tampa, FL.
11.14.13 – Sarasota, FL.
11.15.13 – TBD, SC.
11.16.13 – Durham, NC.
11.17.13 – Richmond, VA.
11.22.13 – Brooklyn, NY.
11.23.13 – Troy, NY.
11.24.13 – Boston, MA.
11.30.13 – TBD
12.01.13 – Nashville, TN.
12.02.13 – TBD
12.03.13 – New Orleans, LA.

Netherfriends – October Tour

Netherfriends October Tour - Click the image for details

Netherfriends October Tour – Click for details

The one-man-band is once again on the run from the Chi- catch him if you can!

10.04.13 – Peoria, IL.
10.05.13 – Lawrence, KS.
10.06.13 – Tulsa, OK.
10.07.13 – Fayetteville, AR.
10.08.13 – Dallas, TX.
10.09.13 – Fort Worth, TX.
10.10.13 – Austin, TX.
10.11.13 – New Orleans, TX.
10.12.13 – Tallahassee/Gainesville, FL.
10.13.13 – St. Petersburg, FL.
10.14.13 – Atlanta, GA.
10.15.13 – Nashville, TN.
10.16.13 – Knoxville, TN.
10.17.13 – Cincinnati/Cleveland, OH.
10.18.13 – Yellow Springs, OH.
10.19.13 – Lafayette, IN.
10.20.13 – Champaign, IL.
10.21.13 – Peoria, IL.
10.23.13 – Chicago, IL.

Netherfriends – 50 Songs 50 States

Download: Netherfriends - 50 Songs 50 States

Click to download: Netherfriends – 50 Songs 50 States

Sing to the tune of “The Bounce” by Jay-Z: “Rumor has it, the Netherfriends classic, couldn’t even be stopped by… Jay-Z’s… um… new album…” Or something like that.

Anyhow, 50 Songs 50 States is the culmination of a year long project where Netherfriends wrote and recorded a song- and performed a show, in every state in the USA from April 2010-2011.

Quit your job. Give up your lease. Drive your car around the country for one year. Write and a record a song in every state. Go to the beach. Go to the mountains. Go to the desert. Go somewhere. Go skateboarding. Go bowling. Get your van stolen. Get your laptop stolen. Run out of gas. Get into fights. Question your reason for living. Question your art. Explore. Discover. Love cities. Hate cities. Drink beer. Drink energy drinks. Drink sweet tea. Grow a beard. Sleep on a couch. Sleep in a parachute tent. Sleep on the floor. Sleep in a warehouse. Sleep in a van. Explain your project to the cops when you get pulled over. Play to an empty room. Play to a packed house. Play a BBQ in Oakland. Play a gallery in Seattle. Get addicted to coffee. Play a haunted venue in Vermont. Play a museum in Cape Cod. See Mt. Rushmore. See the Northern Lights. See the Golden Gate Bridge. Learn what Hawaii smells like. Learn that there is a town called Nampa in Idaho and play a show there. Learn the prices of produce in every state. Draw a self-portrait. Keep calm. Get angry. Make regrets. Don’t miss the cat; miss the girl. Record in a van at an abandoned gas station in Alabama. Record in a sun room. Record in a hotel bathroom. Do it. Do it better. Write about it all. Share it with the world.

Download: Netherfriends – 50 Songs 50 States

1. “Wilbur, AL”
2. “Austin, TX”
3. “Frankfort, KY”
4. “Los Angeles, CA”
5. “Phoenix, AZ” (feat. Rich Jones)
6. “Nampa, ID”
7. “Baltimore, MD”
8. “Missoula, MT”
9. “Hattiesburg, MS”
10. “Portland, OR”
11. “New Orleans, LA”
12. “Keene, NH”
13. “Albuquerque, NM”
14. “Asbury Park, NJ”
15. “Atlanta, GA”
16. “Boone, NC”
17. “Murfreesboro, TN”
18. “Casper, WY”
19. “Denver, CO”
20. “Fairbanks, AK”
21. “Mt. Pleasant, SC”
22. “Honolulu, HI”
23. “Portland, ME”
24. “Morgantown, WV”
25. “New Haven, CT”
26. “Montpelier, VT”
27. “Reno, NV”
28. “Salt Lake City, UT”
29. “Seattle, WA”
30. “Tulsa, OK”
31. “New York, NY”
32. “Philadelphia, PA”
33. “Washington, DC”
34. “Rehoboth Beach, DE”
35. “St. Louis, MO”
36. “Bloomington, IN”
37. “Columbus, OH”
38. “Kalamazoo, MI”
39. “Des Moines, IA”
40. “Madison, WI”
41. “Chicago, IL”
42. “Rapid City, SD”
43. “Omaha, NE”
44. “Minneapolis, MN”
45. “Fargo, ND”
46. “Lawrence, KS”
47. “Dennis, MA”
48. “Fayetteville, AR”
49. “Tallahassee, FL”
50. “Richmond, VA”
51. “Providence, RI”