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Chicago Street Artist Profile: Jasso

Video by El Béisman Films

This mini-documentary sheds some light on Jasso, a prominent artist in the Chicago street art scene. Also appearing in the video is Chandler London, who chimed in to say a couple words about Jasso and the ever-present interconnection between music and visual art.

Jasso has become a noticeable artist in the streets of Chicago. He started as a graffiti artist and then moved to work with stencil and wheat-pasting techniques. He plays with traditional icons from Mexican culture and mixes them up with US popular culture. His work could be offensive for some but uplifting for others. Here is Jasso.


Documentary: A Day In The Life Of Netherfriends

A short film by Jack Edinger

Released earlier this year, this mini-doc offers a glimpse into Netherfriends50 Songs – 50 States project.  With regard to the music, the film also addresses the motivation behind the project and the greater sense of purpose it instilled.

The first batch of songs, Middle America, is currently available via Netherfriends’ official site.