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Rich Jones – “Push The Button” (Prod. by Doc Da Mindbenda)

Download: Rich Jones - "Push The Button" - Available on SoundCloud

Rich Jones at the Kimball House – May 2013 (Photo by Netherfriends)

We haven’t heard new material from 2nd City Citizen Rich Jones since last summer’s 3-Peat. That trend seems to be coming to an end, as Rich has recently dropped this Doc Da Mindbenda-produced romp, “Push The Button,” which premiered on GoILL.net last week.


Chandler London & Cocky – “2 Different Sides” (Prod. by Na$im Williams & Doc Da Mindbenda)

Download: Chandler London & Cocky - "2 Different Sides" (Prod. by Na$im Williams x Doc Da Mindbenda)- Available on SoundCloud

Click the image to download “2 Different Sides”

Na$im Williams and Doc Da Mindbenda linked up to craft a beat so grimy, you can still smell the blood on the butcher’s apron.  Chandler London pairs with Cocky on the lyrical front, making for an interesting contrast- Chandler paints murals with his vivid, spacey flow; while Cocky takes a more visceral approach and goes right for the kill.

“2 Different Sides” is like a three-minute grind house flick, definitely not for the faint of heart. Besides capturing varying perspectives on aspects of life- good and bad, the track also illustrates the diversity of Chicago talent.