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Fess Grandiose Spinning at Harbee Liquors – Chicago, IL.

11.02.13: Fess Grandiose spinning at Harbee Liquors - Chicago, IL.

Tonight at Harbee Liquors in Pilsen: Click for venue info.


10.05: Fess Grandiose Spinning At Harbees Liquors in Pilsen

10.05.13: Fess Grandiose spinning at Harbees

Click for venue info

Major Taylor Club Dates – Week of April 1st


Whenever someone tries to play a trick on you after April Fools Day, there’s an old saying you’re supposed to use: “April Fools has come and past, and you’re the biggest fool at last!” Hopefully you got those pranks in on Monday, ’cause now it’s time to dance! DJ Major Taylor will be spinning every night this week at a function near you. You can also catch him getting crowds hype every Friday night at Bar Deville.

Fun Fact: In case someone tries to play a trick on you before April Fools Day, the appropriate response would be: “April Fools is not yet here, so you’re the biggest fool this year.” Can’t wait to try it out next year.