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Netherfriends x Fess Grandiose -Goosebumps

Download: Netherfriends x Fess Grandiose - Goosebumps - Available on Soundcloud

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If sometime over the last twenty years you’ve suddenly felt out of place- tossing around your Koosh Ball, wishing you were at Woodstock 2 listening to Green Day- dancing in a muddy mosh pit in Birkenstocks while drinking a Crystal Pepsi… don’t worry; Netherfriends and Fess Grandiose have you covered with Goosebumps: A lifetime worth of 90s nostalgia, in 7 minutes or less.

Netherfriends – “Uptown Boys”

Netherfriends: "Uptown Boys" - SPIN Magazine

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On Friday, SPIN Magazine premiered “Uptown Boys,” the first single from Netherfriends‘ upcoming album, P3ACE. “Uptown Boys” has been hailed as the “Stoner Anthem of Summer 2013” by many a music journalist. Peep the track below and discover it for yourself.

P3ACE will be the first official studio project from Netherfriends. Combining his current approach to production with a solid knack for songwriting, Netherfriends hooked up with Apollo Sunshine’s Jeremy Black and holed up at Coyote Hearing Studio in Oakland, California. Stay on the lookout for P3ACE,  coming soon!