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New Chi-t Featured In Chicago Reader’s Favorite Music Of 2013

Chicago Reader: Our Favorite Music Of 2013

Six Reader writers, 12 months, 30 picks — and not one list that just rearranges the same records you’ll see everywhere else: Click to read the full article on chicagoreader.com

This week, New Chi-t appeared on the front page of Chicago Reader. A collaboration between Netherfriends and a slew of Chicago artists, the project was featured in the Hip-Hop segment of The Reader’s  Favorite Music of 2013:

Overlooked Chicago hip-hop | Leor Galil

Netherfriends, New CHI-t
Nomadic indie-popper Shawn Rosen­blatt (aka Netherfriends) is no stranger to hip-hop: 2011’sNetherfriends Does Nilsson includes a wobbly, funky tune called “Full of It” with local MC ShowYouSuck. That track also appears on New CHI-t, a rap-centric collection of Netherfriends collaborations featuring local hip-hop acts such as the Whoevers, Fess Grandiose, and Impolite Society. Rosenblatt molds his psychedelic-tinged pop—sometimes peppy, sometimes wistful, sometimes both at once—into the foundation for fun hip-hop tracks. The Sublime-sampling “Summertime” in particular makes me yearn for warm-weather adventures even more than I usually do.

Netherfriends – New CHI-t

Download: Netherfriends - New CHI-t - Available at BandCamp

Click to Download: Netherfriends – New CHI-t

Netherfriends presents New CHI-t, a compilation of his collaborations with Chicago artists. All tracks recorded and mixed by Netherfriends at the Kimball House during the summer and fall of 2012.

Download: Netherfriends – New CHI-t

01. “I’m Gone” (feat. Fess Grandiose)
02. “Never Walk Out On You (feat. Impolite Society)
03. “Mattress” (feat. Fess Grandiose)
04. “Summer Sex” (feat. Auggie the 9th)
05. “Summertime” (feat. Jams Dean, Chandler London, & Auggie the 9th)
06. “Phoenix, AZ” (feat. Rich Jones)
07. “Full Of It” (feat. ShowYouSuck)
08. “Good Vibes” (feat. ShowYouSuck & Elee X)
09. “Jurassic Park V” (feat. theWHOevers)
10. “Numero Uno” (feat. Chandler London & Mig Mora)
11. “Frankfort, KY” (feat. Blakkass Westley)
12. “Ringpop” (feat. Rich Jones & Divino Nino)
13. “Monkey Man” (feat. Divino Nino)

Impolite Society – “The World”

Click to download: Impolite Society - "The World"

Click to download: Impolite Society – “The World”

Even after another doomsday has come and gone, Impolite Society is still convinced we are indeed living in our last days- though their belief lies not with Mayan prophecy nor fable of Armageddon.

ELEE X & Sidewalk Kal return fresh of “Wackass Artwork” with another cheeky observation on their newest excursion, “The World.” Produced by Zip (Saturday Youth), the ominous track provides the perfect backdrop for the duo’s grim lyrics.

Kimball House Podcast On iTunes

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Kimball House Podcast – Episode 1: “Fess Grandiose Presents… The Bubbler Vol. 1”

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Fess Grandiose dropped Episode 1 on Monday; subscribe now and stay tuned for future episodes featuring Netherfriends, Nunca Duerma, and more.

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KHP Podcast 001: “Fess Grandiose Presents… The Bubbler Vol. 1”

Fresh for 2013, we’re launching a podcast series with new episodes coming every month. Join us- the podcasts will feature KHP mixes, music, and more. Fess Grandiose kicks the series off with “The Bubbler,” a solid mix of classic Soul, Funk, Disco, Hip Hop, and Rock. Get your holiday party bubblin’!

Our podcasts won’t be live for a few days, but you can stream it right here for now. We’re giving the first episode to our email subscribers as a direct download, ’cause they’re the greatest- just one more reason to sign up for our newsletter.

01. Intro
02. George Duke – “Brazilian Sugar”
03. Claudja Barry – “Love For The Sake of Love/Erykah Badu – Soldier”
04. HOT R S – “Slow Blow”
05. Stetsasonic – “4 Ever My Beat”
06. Roxanne Shante – “Bite This”
07. T La Rock & Mantronix – “He’s Incredible (Fresh)/T La Rock & Jazzy Jay – It’s Yours”
08. J Dilla – “Y’all Ain’t Ready”
09. Lijadu Sisters – “Orere Eljigbo”
10. Manu Dibango – “Soul Makossa”
11. Liquid Liquid – “Cavern”
12. Led Zeppelin – “Immigrant Song”
13. Extra T’s – “E.T. Boogie”
14. Eazy E – “No More ?’s”
15. Paramour – “Lovers In Orbit”
16. Michel Gonet – “Mephisto Jet”
17. Paul and Linda McCartney – “Ram On”
18. JVC Force – “Strong Island”
19. Ted Taylor – “Ghetto Disco (Re-Edit)”
20. Q-Tip – “Manwomanboogie”
21. Hall and Oates – “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)”
22. Vaughan Mason & Crew – “Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll”
23. Chic – “Good Times”
24. Tom Tom Club – “Wordy Rappinghood”
25. John Paul Young – “Standing In The Rain”
26. Don Ray – “Got To Have Loving”
27. Dimitri from Paris – “Just As Long As I Got You (Re-Edit)”
28. Chicago – “Street Player”
29. KC & The Sunshine Band – “Let It Go (Part 2)”
30. The Beatles – “Glass Onion”
31. LCD Soundsystem – “Beat Connection”
32. Bob Seger – “Ramblin’ Gamblin Man”
33. The Doobie Brothers – “Jesus Is Just Alright”
34. Mandrill – “Funky Monkey”
35. The Disciples – “Merciful Dub (Part 2)”
36. Fess Grandiose – “Get It Right (Bubble Remix)”

Kimball House – The Best Of 2012

Download: Kimball House Productions  - The Best of 2012

Click to Download: Kimball House Presents – The Best Of 2012

2012 has been a great year for us. If you’ve reviewed our music, come out to our events, downloaded our tracks, rocked a show with us, or supported us in any way, we’d just like to say thanks. As a small token of our appreciation, we’d like to give you this KHP sampler to download, it features some of the best tracks we’ve released this year. Some of you may already be familiar with the material, but for the rest of you, it’s a great way to catch up. Happy Holidays!

01. Impolite Society – “Criminal Minded 2K12” (prod. by Fess Grandiose)
02. Fess Grandiose – “The Medicine” (prod. by Nunca Duerma)
03. Impolite Society – “Never Walk Out On You (prod. by Netherfriends)
04. Nunca Duerma – “Mothership”
05. Netherfriends feat. Fess Grandiose – “I’m Gone” (prod. by Netherfriends)
06. Fess Grandiose feat. Elee X – “The Taste (C.H.I. Summer)” (prod. by Fess Grandiose)
07. Fess Grandiose feat. Impolite Society – “Say Something” (prod. by Erma)
08. Dox Black feat. One Be Lo & Fess Grandiose – “The Five” (prod. by Dox Black)

Download: Kimball House Productions – The Best Of 2012

Omar Mainuddin – “Disarm”

Omar Mainuddin - "Disarm"

Dedicated to the lost – the lost lives of the innocent, the lost minds that took them, and those lost in the righteous sense of self-control in a world dictated by chance. – Omar Mainuddin

Omar Mainuddin is one of our resident visual artists. He created this piece in response to the horrible tragedy in Connecticut. Our prayers go out to the victims and their families.