Affiliates & Friends

Annalise Freytag
Chicago based and Michigan made, Annalise Freytag tickles your oculus with glee. Owner of LionTamer Productions aka Annalise Freytag Photography, Freytag has been in the image making game for over 10 years. Chicago’s vast culture is a huge influence on her work, letting her build a wide array of clients from: Vera Wang, rapper ShowYouSuck, CS Magazine, The MCA, and BCBG to name a few. Freytag works in digital and the traditional black and white process as well as video and alternative processes. She enjoys the idea of being very hands-on with her work, letting the process become her staple, her fingerprint.

Cadillac Duke
From the arson stroked streets of Flint, Michigan, Cadillac Duke paints a picture of a deteriorated past with his mix of urban street flavor over eclectic, organically raw, and digestible beats. Lyrically, the content is harshly literal- except for a few subtle metaphorical phrases sprung in between emotionally thick lyrics that not only provoke emotion, but also give insight into his vivid imagination.

Culture Of Freedom
Culture-Of-Freedom is a Chicago-based lifestyle brand, inspired by the design aesthetics of the 1933 Chicago Worlds Fair.  Culture Of Freedom embraces the notion that ‘The Future is Tomorrow.’  We are the culture shapers of our generation, and our actions will paint the pages of history forever.  The company strives to push the envelope between conceptual, futurist, modernist design sensibilities and infusing icon and bold graphic imagery to evoke a street wear line that is both functional and living Art at the same time.

In Audio We Trust
We trust that this blog will expose you to great new music and help shine a light on the artists making it.

iStandard Producers
iStandard has been an influential organization in the Music Production industry since 2005, helping bridge the gap between the up-and-coming producer and the music industry.  The iStandard Producer Showcase is the premier live event for producers to spotlight their music live in over 20 markets, and has gained the attention of the industry’s elite, as well millions of viewers from over 100 countries around the world.

Second City Citizens
The alternative Hip-Hop trio of emcees Rich Jones, Swords the Ronin, and Troy Boy have released projects filled to the snapback brim with fun storytelling, clever lyrics, and twenty-something sights and sounds.  SCC is always on the move and ready to spread their love for Hip-Hop and energetic live performance to the masses- in the Second City and beyond.

Show You Suck
Chicago emcee Show You Suck is putting his mark on the music world, one skateboarder at a time, with his mad hooks, slick rhymes and thought provoking lyrics. Straight from the hood, but you’d never guess it with his board toting, fashion-conscious personality, and nack for 80s/90s pop culture.

Stefan Klapko
Stefan is a freelance photographer based in Chicago.  He is available for both still and motion work.  Using photography as his creative outlet, Stefan’s work celebrates the collaboration that takes place amongst the things closest to him: Music, Culture, and Community.

The Whistler
Located at 2421 N. Milwaukee in Logan Square, The Whistler is a bar, gallery, record label, and venue that hosts live music and DJs seven nights a week. The Whistler was listed as one of GQ’s 25 Best Cocktail Bars in America and was recently named one of the world’s top jazz venues by Downbeat Magazine.

This Is Cinema
Obsessed with the pliability of recorded sound, Chicago band, This is Cinema, creates lush, vocal-driven pop while embracing the frayed edges of the recording process. Attempting to digest the constant meal of sensory overload in music, their debut EP, Cycles, finds cohesion in chaos, a distillation of sweetness and bitterness from layers of noise, tone, and rhythm.

W.B.C Magazine
W.B.C. Magazine is a free digital magazine based in Chicago created by Writer’s Block Club member, Okay.  If it’s happening in Chicago with music, fashion, clubs, restaurants, our neighborhoods- whatever… W.B.C Magazine has you covered. 

Young Heavy Souls
Young Heavy Souls (YHS) is a Michigan-based digital music company founded in 2011.  Focusing on Hip-Hop and electronic music styles, YHS Records showcases the incredible talents of an eclectic mix of artists.  Their current roster includes: Matt Black, MC Friendly, Marcutio, Caralie Raymond, and Band Of The Hawk.