Netherfriends x Jams Dean – “Jams In The Road”

Video shot and edited by Netherfriends

While blogs continue to debate its status as one of the best or worst things to ever upload to the Internet, this video- shot in, out, and around the Kimball House, features Jams Dean rocking over some Beatles loops à la Netherfriends.

Local Loop described the vid as “…an awesomely atrocious stoner movie,” while JP Bombé of Kimball House called it “F@#kin’ awesome!” Lydia Simmons from Sunset In The Rearview said, “…it really is sh!t, and actually just takes away from the fun little tune that I’ve become addicted to over the past 24 hours.”

Speaking of that fun little tune, if the video’s not your thing, you can get the song below. You’re welcome.

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