Young Americans – “LGBT”

In episdoe five of “Young Americans” from Scion AV and VICE, Fess Grandiose addresses homophobia in Hip-Hop, and the compares today’s gay rights issues to the fight for civil rights in the 60s.

Gay rights and gender roles are explored in the sixth episode of the season, shining light on how these issues can very from ethnic group to ethnic group.

Watch previous episodes of “Young Americans by clicking right here.

After tackling issues that resonated in 2012, from college debt to social networking, season two of Scion AV and VICE’s Young Americans sees the return of Producer/Director Lance Bangs and company as they travel across the nation to capture real viewpoints and opinions from today’s youth.

In season two, ethnicity is the overarching lens through which Lance and his team focused in on some targeted topics such as body image, socializing and media representations. The end result was a documented survey of people from a wide array of ethnic communities hailing from all over the US.

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