Impolite Society – “Wackass Artwork”

Download: Impolite Society - Wackass Artwork

By now, we know their type: 20,000 fake Twitter followers/YouTube views/Facebook friends/Soundcloud plays/Etc., they’re on every blog, mastering their branding destiny, only one contact away from kicking down the doors to claim the fame and fortune they’ve been grinding for [on the Internet].  Only problem is, no one’s ever actually heard of them.

To call them fake would be considered an act of “hate” by the moral majority- what are the rest of us supposed to do?!

Fortunately, Elee X and Sidewalk Kal have stepped up to represent us in typical Impolite Society fashion.  The duo team up with Von Vuai over a smooth Sade sample to approach the ills of today’s artistic climate- and in the process beckon the question, “Who the fuck is you?

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